Does aka mean alias?

Answer According to the 2010 edition of the Random House Dictionary, aka means "also known as." The phrase, coined between 1945 and 1950, is commonly used by law enforcement personnel to denote an alias.S... Read More »

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Why does Alias' Sydney always dress up for missions when she doesn't have to and nobody else does?

How to Use a URL Alias in Drupal?

The default URL for pages and posts on a website built with the Drupal content management system includes "Node" and an order number, without any text. For example, an article's URL might be "www.y... Read More »

How can i make an alias in C?

It's a bad idea to include header files that you don't use. Figure out what header files you need and only include those ones.

How to Choose an Alias?

An alias is a useful 'nickname' to use for any reason.