Does air conditioning affect gas mileage?

Answer Using the air conditioning in your vehicle may actually decrease the mileage you get by about 20 percent. If you drive a hybrid automobile, the loss of mileage and fuel efficiency may be between 15... Read More »

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Does altitude affect gas mileage?

The altitude in which your vehicle is operating does affect your gas mileage. Higher altitude reduces your octane requirement. A lower octane level means your engine will not be able to run at max ... Read More »

How does weight affect gas mileage?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an extra 100 lbs. of weight in a vehicle can reduce vehicle fuel efficiency by 2 percent. Extra weight requires the engine to work harder, requiring more... Read More »

How does high humidity affect temperature&air-conditioning?

Humidity--the amount of water vapor in the air--causes temperatures to rise because water vapor absorbs heat, according to the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/University of Colorado.... Read More »

Does a missing o2 sensor affect mileage?

In modern vehicles, the oxygen sensor measures the level of oxygen in the exhaust and communicates this information to other engine components to ensure that there is the proper ratio of air and fu... Read More »