Does aids die when exposed to the air?

Answer The AIDS virus dies rather quickly when exposed to the air. This fragile virus lives from 30 seconds to one minute after air exposure, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Heal... Read More »

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Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?

everything heals better when it's exposed to air.we only cover things when there's a risk of infection--so if it's scabbed over, it's cool to open it up. If you leave it covered too long, there's ... Read More »

When does an HIV infected person develop full-blown AIDS?

On One Hand: AIDS Develops with an Opportunistic InfectionOne of the criteria used to diagnose AIDS is the appearance of an opportunistic infection, an infection that does not develop in a person w... Read More »

How are atoms affected when they are exposed to energy?

An atom exposed to energy can absorb it in the form of faster motion. Increasing kinetic energy, or velocity, is one way atoms absorb energy. In addition, there are three ways an atom can absorb en... Read More »

Is a baby at risk of getting chicken pox when exposed to shingles?

they are from the same virus, so to put your mind at ease speak with your pediatrician.