Does adding lime or, "fruiting", your beer, detract from a man's overall masculinity?

Answer This is a variation of the practice British sailors put in place to ward off scurvy. They kept a living lime tree on board to provide Vitamin C. The easiest way to distribute the lime was as a slic... Read More »

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Besides the prevention of scurvy, what are the added benefits of a lime wedge, or "fruiting", of ones beer?

You can squirt lime juice in the eyes of any unwelcome suitors.

How can I keep my masculinity without drinking beer in college?

Try different beers if you think it will help. You'll only really need beer for beer pong with your friends. Out at the bars and such; liquor is even sometimes preferred by the guys.

Who first used the phrase a rich mans war and a poor mans fight to describe the civil war?

The same as any other 4 star in any other branch. The salary depends on the general's years of service. Excluding taxes and special pay (such as whether or not the general is in a hazardous area or... Read More »

What is the reason that some people drink beer by adding lemon juice, etc., in it?

It tastes better.........try mixing a can of frozen concentrated limeade with a six pack of beer........YUMMY