Does adblocker view my passwords and such?

Answer No of course it doesn't. It just block ads and has nothing to do with any passwords!Having said that, nothing would surprise me with Google in the least.It's had quite a few run ins with several co... Read More »

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Is there an adblocker for Google Chrome?

Yes, there is an adblock on Google Chrome. I happen to know this because I use Google Chrome often. Here is a link to show how you can manage what you want to block and all about it: https://chrome... Read More »

Where does a computer save passwords?

Windows programs save passwords in the security account manager SAM database. Mac computers save passwords in a key chain such as /Library/Keychains/. Internet Explorer browser saves passwords it i... Read More »

Where does Windows store passwords?

The Microsoft Windows operating systems use what is known as the Registry to store passwords for user accounts and applications. The passwords are usually hidden in long lines of code within the Re... Read More »

Where does Windows XP store passwords?

Windows XP stores passwords in an encrypted form in the Registry. The location of the passwords in the Windows Registry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM. The best way to back up these passwords is to bac... Read More »