Does activia help with gas?

Answer On One Hand: The Company's ClaimsDannon, the maker of Activia Yogurt, claims that regularly eating its product will help regulate your digestive system. The company bases this on studies that found... Read More »

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What is Activia?

Activia is a type of low-fat yogurt made by Dannon. It contains probiotic cultures, a good type of bacteria, that are believed to help regulate your digestive system and speed up the movement of fo... Read More »

What is Activia yogurt?

Activia is yogurt containing probiotics, also known as good bacteria. When eaten daily, activia yogurt can help to establish a well-balanced digestive system by introducing live bacteria cultures t... Read More »

What's special about Activia yogurt?

Activia is a type of yogurt that helps with your digestion. The yogurt contains certain proteins, fibers and chemicals that are essential. It contains fiber and it is used for those that have bad d... Read More »

Does Activia yogurt have toppings?

Activia yogurt comes in 16 different flavors, but none of these come with toppings included. The flavors that come with cereals have the cereal mixed in with the yogurt and fruit.References:Activia... Read More »