Does action potential travel in one direction?

Answer Action potential only travels in one direction along axons. Axons are fibers that connect cells. According to the University of Alberta, action potential is referred to as an "all or none signal" d... Read More »

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What direction does the sun travel?

The sun remains stationery while the Earth and other planets orbit it. As a whole, the solar system orbits around the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It takes about 220 million years for the sun to... Read More »

In what direction does the moon travel?

The moon travels in a direction of west to east in the sky as it orbits the Earth. The moon follows the same direction as the Earth's rotation, which is also west to east. Most of the planets in ou... Read More »

Which direction does warm air travel?

Warm air travels upwards because it is less dense and lighter than cold air. This is an important factor in weather because the continuous upward displacement of warm air by cold air creates wind a... Read More »

In which direction does lightning travel?

Lightning has both upward and downward movement, according to the National Weather Service. However, the return stroke of lightning, which produces most of the illumination, travels from the ground... Read More »