Does acetone remove silicone?

Answer A rag dampened with acetone may help loosen and/or remove small amounts of silicone stuck to a surface or crevice. For tougher silicone rubbers, heavy application of ethyl alcohol may aid the remov... Read More »

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How do I use acetone to remove paint?

PreparationPut on protective gloves, and wear a mask rated to handle fumes. Pour the acetone into a small metal bucket or bowl.CleaningDip the corner of an old rag into the acetone. Use circular mo... Read More »

How to Remove Wax With Acetone & Naphtha?

Wax can be found in numerous places around the home, from the candles that set the atmosphere to the finish on our wooden furniture pieces. Because of these multiple applications, the variety of wa... Read More »

How to Remove Ink From Paper Using Acetone?

You may think that ink marks on paper are impossible to remove. Whether you've accidentally run a pen against your wallpaper or if there's an ink mark on a favorite coffee table book, acetone can b... Read More »

How to Remove Wax With Acetone & Naptha?

Excess wax from candle drippings, furniture polish and other forms of waxy buildup can end up on your wood furniture, decor or floors and leave drip marks or a dull residue. The type of wax found o... Read More »