Does acai berry juice prevent cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Acai Berries Contain AntioxidantsIn a study by the University of Florida, a cell-culture model showed that acai berries are able to fight against cancer cells. This is attributed, in p... Read More »

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Is acai berry juice helpful for breast cancer patients?

On One Hand: Laboratory Tests Show PromiseIn a cell-culture study done by the University of Florida, researchers concluded that cancer cells are affected by acai berries. This study used extracts m... Read More »

Does acai berry juice work?

Can acai berry juice cause an irregular heartbeat?

On One Hand: Improved Heart HealthNatural foods that have antioxidants may improve heart health and aren't believed to cause an irregular heartbeat. Acai berry juice is a natural food that contains... Read More »

Whats better...goji or acai berry juice?

I think these juices are the fad of the day, and tomorrow, it will be some other juice.Just eat healthy and exercise and you really don't need exotic drinks.