Does a woman get her period right after she has given birth?

Answer No she has to heal inside first.

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How soon can a woman who has just given birth take a bath?

As soon as she likes, it must be a clean tub and clean water.

Does birth control make the first period after you start using it weird?

On One Hand: Oral contraceptives can cause bleeding or spottingOral contraceptives, usually referred to as birth control pills, cause spotting or irregular bleeding in many women. New users of birt... Read More »

Does it take exactly nine months for a woman to give birth after she's gotten pregnant?

No. The pregnancy calendar is crazy!! A woman is actually two weeks pregnant when she actually has sex to conceive. So by the time she finds out she is pregnant (2 weeks later) she is actually four... Read More »

Why is rabies vaccine given to dogs at 90 days of age & not soon after the birth?

Manu, you have asked a good question. When the rabies vaccine is given to dogs, it is a foreign substance, called an "antigen". The purpose is to cause the dog to react to the antigen by developi... Read More »