Does a wireless router need to be hard-wired to a computer or just to the DSL cable?

Answer A wireless router must be hard-wired to the DSL modem, but does not have to be hard-wired to a computer. The computer can be hard-wired to the wireless router or transmit data through a wireless si... Read More »

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Can a wireless router cause a wired computer to disconnect?

On One Hand: Wireless Routers Drop SignalsWhen a wireless router starts to fail, one of the most common problems is a failure of the wireless radio. However, when a router is failing in this way it... Read More »

Is a wired computer more secure than a wireless one even tho they both use the same router?

Wired network is not only more secure but more reliable as well.wired or wireless are just ways to access the network. if you have both running & if some one can access your network wirelessly then... Read More »

Why does my computer keep randomly disconnecting from the internet (Wired cable modem and router)?

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How do I access the Internet through a router hard-wired to a desktop computer?

Connect your broadband connection such as a DSL modem or cable modem to the router using a network cable from the modem to the router's Internet connection. Open a Web browser in the desktop comput... Read More »