Does a well pump need a pressure tank?

Answer Yes, modern well-water systems use a pressure tank to ensure constant water pressure where the water is supplied (i.e., your sink, toilet and shower). The water pump itself doesn't work on an on-de... Read More »

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How much air pressure is in a well-pump holding tank?

A typical well-pump holding tank normally operates at an average pressure of 40 pounds per square inch (psi). Pressure in the tank is controlled by an inline pressure switch, where the "cut-in" an... Read More »

What is the maximum operating pressure of a pressure tank for a well?

The recommended maximum operating pressure for a well water pressure tank is 60 pounds per square inch. Anything higher than that can damage or rupture the diaphragm inside the tank.Source:Hammerzo... Read More »

What type of pressure pump is in a pressure washer Ryobi model # RY80030?

It is a direct drive pump, meaning it is directly driven by the engine, as opposed to a belt-driven pump. Additionally, it's a plunger pump, meaning it uses ceramic plungers rather than pistons. Th... Read More »

Can copper and galvanized pipes mixed cause the hot water pressure low new water tank and still low pressure?

The question makes no sense. what doesn't make sense ,the house has installed half of copper pipes and half galvanized the cold water is running fine but the hot water is slow and they said it mig... Read More »