Does a vitamin help plants grow?

Answer Well yes, a vitamin can help a plant grow. For an explanation go to: please look at the related link below. AnswerThe experiment referred to above uses a mere four potted plants - two having been g... Read More »

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Does one a day women's vitamin help your hair grow?

Ok catluver is wrong. Vitamin D comes from the sun. Not Vitamin E. Biotin is a vitamin supplement that increases the growth rate of your hair and nails as well as clears out some's complexion. Alth... Read More »

How does rootbeer help plants grow?

Answer The plants use the SUGAR in the Rootbeer, and any other soft drink, but the sugar can also promote bacterial/fungal growth, so stick with a proper commercial fertilizer like Miracle Gro. Wa... Read More »

Does shampoo help plants grow?

No but it puts a nice shine on the leaves.

How does water help plants grow?

The plant uses the water and converts it to food. the process is called photosynthesis. plant growth requires water, soil, oxygen, and sunlight.N.B. The process of using water is not called photosy... Read More »