Does a vinegar bath help thrush?

Answer A vinegar bath might only soothe but it will not kill---however, you may want to try tea tree oil douches. Tea tree oil is known to kill all sorts of fungus--and thrush is a yeast infection caused... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Vinegar Bath Soak?

Vinegar bath soaks are popular for many different reasons. Many people use vinegar soak treatments to help bring their skins pH level back to its natural level. An imbalanced pH level is a common c... Read More »

How do I clean bath toys with vinegar, water& Clorox?

Fill your sink with enough water to submerge the bath toys. Add 1 cup vinegar or Clorox to the sink per gallon of water used. Both are disinfectants, however vinegar is all natural and contains no ... Read More »

Will apple cider vinegar clean a copper penny better than white vinegar?

Either one will damage the surface and reduce its collector value to zero. If you must clean a coin that has any numismatic value, soak it in distilled water and soap (not detergent), then use a so... Read More »

Good sub for cooking sherry coconut vinegar or cane vinegar is stock secret for great teriyaki?

Adding sou[ stock will make it salty.Start with a low sodium soy sauce and add the following to taste:Brown sugarFresh or dried gingerSesame oil (just a very small amount of this)And rice vinegarVe... Read More »