Does a vga y splitter cable effect the video quality?

Answer Video signals cannot be split in the same way that other signals such as audio signals can be split. The nature of the signal means that they demand an active splitter, normally called a distributi... Read More »

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Which cable delivers a higher quality PICTURE, a component video cable or an s-video cable?

Component is the best choice. Component supports progressive scan and Enhanced Definition (EDTV- 480p) and High Definition (HDTV- 720p, 1080i) S-video will give you a decent picture but it will not... Read More »

Does the brand name of an SD card effect video quality?

No. Your video will not look better or worse if you use a cheap SD card. However, a cheap SD card may well fail on you, loosing your entire video. Most SD cards seem pretty much the same to me, ... Read More »

Is there any difference in audio or video quality if i use a $10 HDMI cable against the $100 HDMI cable?

There is no difference. I have a Playstation 3 hooked up to a 42" Sony LCD TV and I used the cheapest HDMI available at Best Buy (around $20). The audio and visual clarity is flawless. Absolutel... Read More »

I am a cable guy and ought to know this but will a regular cable splitter work with an antenna?

Yes. Make sure it's good out to at least 800 MHz.