Does a vaporizer help a child with coughing?

Answer On One Hand: Vaporizers May HelpChildren who are suffering from cold symptoms, such as a cough, may be more comfortable breathing moist air. The humidity provided by a vaporizer or cool mist humidi... Read More »

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My child had a high fever for a few days and now she is coughing. Does she have Bronchitus?

Answer Deprivation is never having something, removal is having it for a time and then removing it.ANOTHER ANSWERI'M NOT SURE in what context you ask this question, but if it deals with raising/di... Read More »

A child is choking on a piece of meat and he is conscious and coughing forcefully what sould you do?

Do the Heimlich Maneuver (abdominal thrusts). The kid will 'spit' out the meat or whatever he/she's chocking on.

Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse Coughing up more crud, but coughing a lot less than I was...?

You're getting better. Never expect a cough to go away that soon no matter if you have antibiotics or not. A cough will last at least 2 weeks.

How to Use a VP-101 Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are a means of inhaling the active ingredients of plant matter in vapor form, without the negative effects of smoke inhalation. Vaporizers also use an internal ceramic heating element, e... Read More »