Does a vaporizer help a child with coughing?

Answer On One Hand: Vaporizers May HelpChildren who are suffering from cold symptoms, such as a cough, may be more comfortable breathing moist air. The humidity provided by a vaporizer or cool mist humidi... Read More »

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My child had a high fever for a few days and now she is coughing. Does she have Bronchitus?

Answer Deprivation is never having something, removal is having it for a time and then removing it.ANOTHER ANSWERI'M NOT SURE in what context you ask this question, but if it deals with raising/di... Read More »

Does liquid mosquito vaporizer kills mosquitoes I'm confused... any help pls?

Don't be confused. If any room has the fewer mosquito after using this, we can say it is working. Because the room has less mosquitoes than before using it.So where the other mosquito?

Does patting a person on the back when there coughing or choking help them?

How does celphone help the child with special needs?

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