Does a usb or a sd card hold more pic and alot of space Which one is better?

Answer Assuming you are referring to a USB flash drive, both USB drives and SD cards can come in the storage capacities, so depending on the size you get, both can be larger than the other. Typically, th... Read More »

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Which graphic card is gonna give me a better performance with an AMD Athlon 2 X2 245(2.9GHz) MORE INSIDE....?

The 9500GT would be better.Since ATI is owned by AMD and NVIDIA is in Intel's back pocket it stands to reason they each would be more oriented towards there respective partners. so yes ATI works be... Read More »

Is there any better way to save my work than just on my desktop without taking up alot of space?

Do you mean your Windows desktop? If so, you could save your documents on Google's website. They have a Docs feature that includes a word processor and a spreadsheet. It's saved on Google's serv... Read More »

Do you think women look better with alot of makeup or more natural?

Less makeup is best. Make up is suppoesed to be used to ENHANCE your already beautiful face. Not to make you pretty. I personaly beleive those who cake it on look like ugly old ladies.

How many GB of space can an SD card hold?

an SD card is not 1 size, they come in a variety of sizes from 256MB to 8GB