Does a toothbrush with 3 brushes exist?

Answer No, I'm sorry. I just don't see the purpose, or how you would hold it without contaminating at least one of the brush heads. That may be why they are so hard to find. I cannot escape the fact that ... Read More »

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Can I use my toothbrush with braces?

You can use a regular soft toothbrush, but most orthodontists recommend an orthodontic-cut toothbrush, where the bristles in the middle are lower than the bristles on the edges and cut into a "v" ... Read More »

How to Clean Shoes With an Old Toothbrush?

Don't you hate when it's a rainy day, you walk outside, and your new canvas sneakers are suddenly ruined? Dig out those old manual toothbrushes. It's time to get down and clean.

How to Make a Toothbrush Last Longer With Salt?

If you think salt is only for flavoring food, think again. According to the Salt Institute, the versatile mineral has more than 14,000 uses. One of the ways salt can come in handy around the home i... Read More »

What is a name for toothbrush with toothpaste inside?