Does a tight ballon knot ( anus-hole ) predict good health in people over 25 or 30?

Answer Yeah, that's it...over 30 its all slack like a drunk clown's mouth.

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Any tips on how to loosen a tight knot?

The pros use a "knot pick" which is like an icepick. You might need to use something a little smaller than an icepick, maybe an awl or even a pin. Try different parts of the knot until you f... Read More »

What happens when a baby is born with no anus hole open?

It gets a colostomy, a opening on the belly where they put the colon and attach a bag to it.

How long does it take for a nose piercing hole to close over?

As with any piercing it will eventually close over if you don't replace the nose stud. How fast it will close over all depends on the person. E.g I have had my nose pierced for about 4 years and it... Read More »

Itchy Anus for over two months, Help!?

- might be pin worms - - supposedly they make the butt itchy because it perpetuates their life cycle- pin worms are just one of many reasons why one should wash the hands often- well if they are in... Read More »