Does a swamp cooler intensify allergies?

Answer On One Hand: Swamp Coolers Can Affect Mold AllergiesEvaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, contain cooling pads that are saturated with water. Air is forced over these pads to blow coole... Read More »

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Why use a swamp cooler?

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, chill air using water evaporation, the same process that makes temperatures cooler near running rivers or waterfalls. The effectiveness of a swamp... Read More »

How do I run a swamp cooler?

Use of swamp coolersKeep the pads wet and the water flowing since swamp or evaporative coolers work by a fan drawing in warm air from outside and blowing it through wet pads. You can also use the f... Read More »

How do I use a swamp cooler effectively?

OperationUnderstand how your swamp cooler operates. Evaporative coolers, or "swamp coolers," work by blowing warm air over evaporated water particles, thus cooling the air. Swamp coolers have a w... Read More »

How do I work a swamp cooler?

Perform Some Basic MaintenancePerform a few quick checks before starting your swamp cooler for the season. Remove the panels and clean any debris from the unit. Check the fan belt. If it sags more ... Read More »