Does a storage facility have to carry insurance in case of theft?

Answer Storage facilities do not have to carry theft insurance that would provide you compensation for items stolen from your storage unit. Ask the storage facility manager about insurances included in th... Read More »

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Does US or Ohio law require the owner of a second vehicle to carry storage insurance even if it is permanently parked and never driven?

Answer No. But it would be wise to have storage ins on it, in case the vehicle is the cause of a building fire.

How to Manage a Storage Facility?

A storage facility is a structure dedicated to holding and preserving commodities in their original optimum condition. Multiple commodities belonging to numerous and different clients may be housed... Read More »

How to Market a Self Storage Facility?

Self-storage isn't a new concept, but it is a rapidly developing and highly competitive industry. In order to find success with your self-storage facility, you'll need to know how to rise above the... Read More »

Storage Facility Laws?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in the Economic Census of 2002 that America was home to nearly 7,000 mini warehouses and self-storage units. In 2007, this number increased to over 53,000 facilities... Read More »