Does a spouse automatically become liable for a mortgage loan?

Answer Only the spouse listed on the mortgage loan deed and the title of the house is liable for the mortgage debt. If your spouse is not listed on the mortgage debt, she is not liable for the loan.Source... Read More »

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If a spouse is in an auto accident where the other party was hurt is the other spouse liable as well?

Answer The driver is the one that would be charged if they were the cause of the accident. Anyone else in the car is not implicated.MarcyIf the question refers to financial liability such as both... Read More »

Is a spouse liable for the debts of the other?

On One Hand: Many Times, YesIn several situations, a surviving spouse incurs the debt from a deceased partner. If you have your name on any joint accounts, such as a credit card, then you are liabl... Read More »

Is my spouse or family liable for my debt?

Relatives are not liable for another relative’s debt unless they have co-signed the credit application. However, your spouse may be liable for your debt if you live in one of the 10 community pro... Read More »

Are we liable to pay for the mortgage plan if we cancel a chapter 13?

On One Hand: No, You Aren'tIn Chapter 13, the court sets you up on a payment plan that pays debts, usually within five years. You can't technically cancel a Chapter 13, but you can voluntarily dism... Read More »