Does a spectroscope use a prism mirror or lens to separate light?

Answer The short answer is yes. A spectroscope, a device that splits visible light into its component wavelengths, uses either a prism mirror or a diffraction grating (thousands of narrowly spaced parall... Read More »

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Where can you find information on a Nikon prism lens?

You're shooting with soft light, correct? And you've got one light box on the left side of the beads, one above them and one to the right? Do this: Remove the overhead box from its boom. Extract th... Read More »

How is a mirror lens different from a regular lens?

A catadioptric lens, otherwise known as a mirror lens, combines refraction and reflection using lenses and curved mirrors, while a "regular" lens only uses a series of convex lenses to correct opti... Read More »

Which is better mirror lens or regular lens?

Oops, Freudian slip, (Should be Nikon D3100) Anyhow, The Artist is Radical Face and the song is Welcome Home, Son

What is the best hot mirror filter available that screws onto the lens (77mm thread)?

The B+W 486 is one of the best UV-IR cut filters. About your only other options are Leica or Heliopan filters at this level of filter. The Leica is weaker, the Heliopan is about the same, but les... Read More »