Does a sourdough starter need to be covered with a damp cloth?

Answer Do not cover your sourdough starter with a damp cloth. When you feed your starter, store it on the counter covered loosely with plastic wrap. Store your sourdough starter in a glass jar with a loos... Read More »

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Could you help me to get a San Francisco Sourdough Starter?

You can make one - I remember my mother incubating her own sourdough starter back in the 1960's. Here's some info:… Read More »

How to Make Sourdough Starter?

This starter is all natural and, if properly tended, will provide wonderful yeasty bread for years. If you enjoy the pride of healthy, self-sustaining, and low cost home baking, try this sourdough.

Can you use Splenda in a sourdough starter?

Authentic sourdough starter, which is the base for sourdough bread, contains only flour and water. This starter is added to other ingredients, including sugar, to make sourdough bread. The makers o... Read More »

How to Make a Sourdough Starter Without Yeast?

Make a sourdough starter that can last for decades with two simple, cheap ingredients. Capture, breed and nurture wild yeast.