Does a small piece of brown discharge during pregnancy is normal?

Answer I never had it in any of mine, talk to your gyne just in case!

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Is brown discharge normal at end of pregnancy?

Answer if it coming right after the heavy bleeding that you had after having the baby, then yes. it simply means you are healing the way you're suppose to. blood or lochia will go from bright red,... Read More »

Is milky discharge normal during pregnancy?

Yes ... it is called leukorrhea. It is white and somewhat milky .... it increases throughout your pregnancy. I had it with both my last pregnancy and this one. I did notice it becoming a nuisance a... Read More »

Is cramping and brownish discharge during pregnancy normal?

It can be. I did cramp and still do from the beginning of my pregnancy. Its just your body preparing for the baby, your uterus and ligaments are stretching. I had brownish discharge a couple a day,... Read More »

Is green vaginal discharge during pregnancy normal?