Does a slow hard drive make games lag or loose FPS?

Answer A slow hard drive will increase loading times. It will only affect FPS if your computer runs out of RAM. And when that happens, even a solid state drive won't save you (although it will help).I'd g... Read More »

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Does filling a hard drive slow a computer down?

Does a full hard drive slow down a computer?

A full hard drive slows down a computer. It is important to have at least 10 percent free space on the hard drive to allow the programs and files to run properly. Delete unnecessary files or uninst... Read More »

Does a slow computer speed mean the hard drive is failing?

A slow computer is one symptom of a failing hard drive. Other common signs of a dying hard drive, or disk, include computer crashes, missing data and unusual noises. Just because a computer is slow... Read More »

My daughters laptop runs slow a lot it has a 60gb hard drive would it run any quicker with a bigger drive?

Like Macbook Pro said, " Your Hard drive does affect your computer speed" something like that, which is correct.Imagine you have important papers randomly scattered all over your desk—in order to... Read More »