Does a slow hard drive make games lag or loose FPS?

Answer A slow hard drive will increase loading times. It will only affect FPS if your computer runs out of RAM. And when that happens, even a solid state drive won't save you (although it will help).I'd g... Read More »

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My daughters laptop runs slow a lot it has a 60gb hard drive would it run any quicker with a bigger drive?

Like Macbook Pro said, " Your Hard drive does affect your computer speed" something like that, which is correct.Imagine you have important papers randomly scattered all over your desk—in order to... Read More »

Would a 1tb hard drive run slow if 500gb was used?

DVD burn speed??? that has to do with the disk drive, and no matter what hard drive you have, the more data thats on it, will probably slow it down, it just depends on the quality and specs of the ... Read More »

WD Portable Hard Drive incredibly slow?

Could be about ******, have you done a full error check for any possible bad sectors or something.Another thing I'd try is performing a full format and transferring everything back on to it, I had ... Read More »

My computer is slow and the hard drive is five years old. Do I need a new one?

ur system needs a tune up, just like cars, when was the last time u need ur maintenance, need u format the drive when u install 1in 7. well download a program called FixBee, it defrag's ur drives &... Read More »