Does a size of a parachute matter for its speed?

Answer The size of a parachute canopy affects the speed of descent. During descent, an opened parachute catches air, creating "drag." This drag slows the speed of descent as it counters the force of gravi... Read More »

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Why does cd burn speed matter?

The process of "burning" a CD is an analog process that requires physically altering the new audio compact disc. Choosing the correct CD burn speed is important because it can affect the quality o... Read More »

Does SD card speed matter?

SD card speed matters, but how much depends on what you use the card for. Faster SD cards allow you to take more photos consecutively or record longer videos without waiting for your camera to clea... Read More »

Does size really matter?

A larger dish provides a stronger signal from the satellite, especially during very bad weather, and it also means more stability and less interference from adjacent satellites. If bigger was not ... Read More »

Does really size matter?

You're just fine. A woman's pleasure spot, the clitoris, is right out front, and it doesn't take more than an inch to stimulate it. It's much more about how you use it, than how big it is.