Does a sixth grader need a booster seat for car?

Answer The child's size is the factor here. If the seatbelt comes across their body like it does for you, then they do not need a booster seat. Sometimes, the child's weight is a factor, too. They should ... Read More »

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Is a sixth grader smarter than a fourth grader?

Not necessarily- they just usually have more knowledge due two extra years of schooling.

Is a fifth grader smarter than a sixth grader?

It doesn't really matter the difference in grades you are in, if you take in information, process it, and learn than a 5th grader can be smarter than a 6th 7tH or 8th grader it depends on how the s... Read More »

Under what conditions may a child ride in front seat of an automobile in an unsecured booster-seat in Nevada?

How to Be a Popular Sixth Grader?

Have you ever been jealous of those pretty popular girls in your grade, even if they're cruel? Have you ever wondered how YOU could become popular like them, but still be nice? Well my friend, you ... Read More »