Does a sidekick id have a camera?

Answer The T-Mobile Sidekick iD does not feature a camera unlike the T-Mobile Sidekick III. It's considered a budget version of T-Mobile's Sidekick lineup, and also lacks Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 pl... Read More »

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Does the sidekick id have a camera?

On One Hand: What's Missing?Unlike many of the other models, the T-Mobile Sidekick ID does not have a built-in camera. Debuting in 2007, the Sidekick ID was released to be a lite version of the pop... Read More »

Does the Sidekick iD have a USB port?

The Sidekick iD does not have a USB port. In the United States, the Sidekick iD was sold exclusively by T-Mobile and authorized resellers for use on the T-Mobile cell network. The phone was initial... Read More »

How many megapixels does a Sidekick Slide have?

The Sidekick Slide and the Sidekick have 2 megapixel cameras. The Sidekick is a cellular phone with a flip out keyboard made by T-Mobile. The new Sidekick LX includes a 3.2 megapixel camera. The Si... Read More »

Stolen Iphone, Ipod, Canon Camera, Sidekick, and Sony Vaio Laptop...?

They make LoJack for laptops... did you have it? If so, I'll bet that person has all your stuff.Other than that, you just gotta stop having parties. I once had a party, and someone stole my money... Read More »