Does a shampoo cap really lighten hair?

Answer On One Hand: Virgin HairA shampoo cap will lighten virgin hair. Virgin hair has never been colored or lightened. Developer used in a shampoo cap penetrates the hair cortex and lightens the hair's n... Read More »

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If I put cinnamon in my shampoo will my hair lighten?

Actually it can, but not if you put it in shampoo. The best way to use cinnamon as a lightener is to add it to your conditioner and mix with honey. Use about 3/4 cup conditioner, a tablespoon of ho... Read More »

Is there a shampoo that can lighten your hair color from black to brown?

maybe if you use the loreal sheer blonde i use it and it makes my hair a bit more blonde , so you would probably get reddish/brown highlights. or you can use any of the sun-ins that you spray into ... Read More »

How to Lighten With a Peroxide Shampoo?

If you're looking to lighten your locks by a shade or two without spending big bucks at the salon, try dunking or spraying your hair with a peroxide shampoo. This method of lightening works best fo... Read More »

How to Lighten Darker Hair on the Top of White Hair?

If your hair has been dyed white, over time the hair on the top of the head will grow out darker. Even though you can choose to pay for a touch-up at the salon, lightening the dark roots to match t... Read More »