Does a shampoo cap really lighten hair?

Answer On One Hand: Virgin HairA shampoo cap will lighten virgin hair. Virgin hair has never been colored or lightened. Developer used in a shampoo cap penetrates the hair cortex and lightens the hair's n... Read More »

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Does Cinnamon really help lighten hair?

Ok, I can't believe I'm answering this question. My fiancee already calls me a metrosexual, she'd really flip out if she reads this one. I also hope none of my clients or readers read my answer, ... Read More »

Does lemon juice really lighten hair?

On One Hand: Chemical BasisLemon juice attacks the molecular bonds in hair pigment, preventing it from absorbing light and reducing the amount of color you see in your hair. But it's a slow process... Read More »

If I put cinnamon in my shampoo will my hair lighten?

Actually it can, but not if you put it in shampoo. The best way to use cinnamon as a lightener is to add it to your conditioner and mix with honey. Use about 3/4 cup conditioner, a tablespoon of ho... Read More »

Does Hair Plus Shampoo really work?

On One Hand: Clinical TestsAccording to its official reseller, As Seen on TV, clinical trials prove that Hair Plus Shampoo increases hair growth by over 100 percent within a 28-day period. Other cl... Read More »