Does a seed need direct sun light or not?

Answer Most seeds are damaged by direct sun and the majority need moisture, warmth, and darkness to stimulate growth. A few species of seeds need light to aid germination, but not necessarily direct sun.

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Does the amount of light a seed is exposed to affect seed germination?

yes it does. the less light the seed has will either make the seed take longer to germinate or not germinate at all.Answerit really depends on the type of seed. some seeds like watermelon and tomat... Read More »

Does a seed need the sun to grow?

In a way, yes. Some seeds germinate only when covered with soil, but the actual triggering mechanism depends on the wavelength of light reaching the seed. Seeds that germinate in "darkness" require... Read More »

How long does a sunflower seed need to grow?

Depending on which variety of sunflower you're growing, it can take between 70 to 90 days for a sunflower to grow fully and reach maturity. Some varieties of sunflower can grow up to 20 feet tall.S... Read More »

How Much Water Does a Seed Need to Germinate?

Seeds need evenly moist soil to germinate. In soggy soils, the seeds become waterlogged and can't receive oxygen. They eventually rot and die. In dry soils, the seed coats remain hard so the seed c... Read More »