Does a sauna belt work?

Answer On One Hand: Sauna Belts Might Make You SweatThe concept behind a sauna belt is that it provides heat to a targeted area in order to cause excessive sweating, which in turn will lead to water weigh... Read More »

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How to Use a Sauna Slim Belt?

Slimming down without exercising or eating healthy proves nearly impossible. You can attempt temporary weight loss around the waist, though, with a sauna slim belt. A sauna slim belt helps you shed... Read More »

Sauna Belt Disadvantages?

Velform is the more common producer of a product used to create a spot sauna condition without a full room and the costs involved in heating a complete sauna. Sauna belts are designed with the idea... Read More »

Is the sauna belt effective?

On One Hand: Pain Relief and Sweating it OutThe Sauna Belt is a self-proclaimed "portable sauna." It works by focusing heat around your waist, helping to relieve aches and rheumatism while encourag... Read More »

Does the contour belt work?

On One Hand: Contour Ab Belt May WorkThe Contour Ab Belt may work, according to My Diet Area, because it uses the same technology that has been used in the medical industry to stimulate weak muscle... Read More »