Does a salaried employee need to punch a time clock?

Answer On One Hand: No Dock in PayA salary exempt employee receives 40 hours of pay whether he works more or less than 40 hours in the week, says Many companies base this type of wo... Read More »

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California Law Regarding Salaried Employee Paid Time Off?

California law does not distinguish between paid time off and paid vacation in its labor laws for salaried employees, according to the California Department of Industrial Relations. If your employe... Read More »

How to Use a Computer as a Punch-In Time Clock?

Angry employees with incorrect pay checks can wreak havoc on any company, which is why it is so important for even the smallest of companies to keep accurate payroll calculations. Adding a punch-in... Read More »

Can a full time employee be required to work while off the clock without earning wages?

What Is the Meaning of a Salaried Employee?

A salaried employee varies from an hourly worker in a few ways. The latter is paid based on the number of hours worked and the former receives a set income each pay period. Furthermore, hourly empl... Read More »