Does a router need to be hooked to a computer to work?

Answer On One Hand: Wired RoutersA router does not need a computer to work in the sense that it will not stop functioning if a computer is not connected. However, the main purpose of the router is to tran... Read More »

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How to Get a Router Hooked Up to Dial-Up Internet?

Your router must be properly installed in order for it to connect your computer to the Internet. A router allows your Internet signal to be sent from your modem to be processed by your computer, th... Read More »

Does my laptop have to be hooked up the the wireless router to get internet?

no it dose not you have to hook the Wireless Router to the main router that you are using and go to Network Connections and find the Wireless Settings and Scan for an Wireless Router{laptop}-------... Read More »

Does an iMac computer work with a Linkys router?

Current iMacs can use most networking hardware, including Linksys routers, allowing Mac users to make use of any available networks, including the Internet. This is possible due to Apple having pre... Read More »

Can i turn off my router when i am not using my computer and when i put it back on will it work again?

Yes you can turn it off and it will just work when it is turned on.