Does a router increase Internet speed?

Answer On One Hand: Some Data Indicate YesBecause a router serves as a local area network's gateway to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), a premium router may allow data to move more quickly between the... Read More »

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Can a high speed router really raise your internet speed?

Can your router raise your Internet speed?No and yes.The speed you get at your DSL or cable or Satellite or what ever modem you have won't change.So in reality that connection will not be faster ba... Read More »

Does a router slow down internet speed?

Routers can slow down your Internet connection's speed. However, this is not always because of the router. First check that your ISP is not having connectivity issues with the modem; also check you... Read More »

How to Increase 3G Internet Speed?

Third Generation technology, commonly known as 3G, enables cell phone users to easily access the Internet and provides features such as wireless video conferencing, wireless data transfer and vide... Read More »

How to increase the speed of my internet ?

Run msconfig this is for ram memory speed. Computer speed is by ram memory available. A lot of speed is used by booting up programs not needed. Do the following to increase speed. Go to start then ... Read More »