Does a router have antivirus software?

Answer Most newer routers come equipped with a firewall. However, they do not normally have antivirus software installed. You should install virus protection on your computer. The router's firewall adds a... Read More »

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Does antivirus software work?

On One Hand: Antivirus Software WorksProtecting your computer from viruses that can destroy your computer or steal your identity and information is a necessity. Antivirus software is continually im... Read More »

Does a Mac need antivirus& Internet security software?

A Mac does need anti-virus and Internet security software. Although the vast majority of viruses are written for Windows-based systems, Mac OS X has vulnerabilities as well. If the market share of ... Read More »

Does a Dell computer need a specific antivirus software?

Dell computers do not require a specific brand of anti-virus software. Whether you have a Dell computer, or any other brand, the only requirements are that you choose anti-virus software that is co... Read More »

Where does Norton antivirus software reside in a computer?

Norton antivirus software resides on a computer's hard drive, also known as the C drive. To delete programs, such as Norton, from the hard drive, use the Control Panel's Add/Delete function or manu... Read More »