Does a root canal hurt like everyone says what meds do they give you?

Answer A root canal treatment can be done painlessly in 99% of the time. Unless you are in terrible pain when you come in, the dentist has many ways to get you numb nowadays.As for medications, after revi... Read More »

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When you get a root canal do they prescribed you pain meds?

Most likely a drug such as ibupropen or naproxen as the most pain you will have after the procedure will be inflammation if the therapy is done properly. Granted the inflammation especially if it i... Read More »

What would they give u for a root canal, if u can't take Lidocaine?

Citnest. It another type of local, which doesnt contain adreneline.

How bad does a root canal hurt?

It doesnt hurt DURING the Canal, they use anthessia, its AFTER the anesthesia wears off, that it hurts and its hurts your wallet its costs like $1000!!!

Does a root canal hurt?

I had one, and it didn't hurt too much, but I know what they were doing and it really grossed me out to think about if you don't know about what they do, ignorance is bliss.