Does a regular antenna pick up the high-definition signal?

Answer If the broadcast television station transmits a high-definition signal, a regular antenna should be able to pick it up as well as it does any digital transmission. A high-definition television is n... Read More »

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Do you need a HDMI cable to get a high definition signal for a playstation 3 or can you get a high definition signal using just a scart lead?

for a high definition signal on a playstation 3 you need a hdmi cable using a simple scart lead will only give you standard deffinition if you are looking to buy a hdmi cable the cheapest ones are... Read More »

Will a Yagi antenna pick up a digital VHF signal?

Yagi antenna are very good to exceptional at receiving either digital or analog information transmitted in the VHF band (30 MHz to 300 MHz). Yagi antennas, the familiar antennas made of parallel al... Read More »

I don't have cable nor satellite TV, can I receive HD TV signal using regular indoor antenna?

Yes and NO !! No, you can't use a "regular" indoor antenna for HDTV reception -but YES- you can purchase an antenna specifically made for receiving Network HDTV programs.Terk makes a good HDTV ante... Read More »

Is there a difference between 3g phones&regular antenna phone signal strength?

There is no measurable difference between the signal strength of a 3G phone and a phone with a regular antenna. Signal strength is more dependent upon your nearness to a signal source than it is on... Read More »