Does a raw food diet cure lupus?

Answer On One Hand: There's No EvidenceThere is no scientific or medical evidence that a raw food diet cures lupus. There is no cure, traditional or alternative, for lupus, according to Mayo Clinic. The r... Read More »

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Will a raw food diet cure type 1 diabetes?

On One Hand: There is No Cure for Type 1 DiabetesThere is no cure for type 1 diabetes. People with this disease have a pancreas that has stopped making insulin. While diet is important for managing... Read More »

Does the raw food diet change eye color?

On One Hand: Raw Food Advocates Make the ClaimAccording to, some people have noticed changes in eye color after being on a raw food diet. In most cases, it has been found that eye ... Read More »

Does spicy food really cure the common cold?

It helps.I eat Jalepeno Peppers when I have a cold.It helps me breathe easier.It also gets rid of that Flem and Mucus.Hope you feel better soon.

Do you believe the raw food diet is the healthiest diet?

I have done some research into the raw food diet before answering your question and yes it sounds like a healthy diet.It also recommends this diet for people who:Want the easiest way to remove fat ... Read More »