Does a rangefinder make a sound?

Answer Its barely discernible. You have to be in a quiet environment to hear the shutter release. If you're thinking about trying a film rangefinder I suggest the Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II. You can read a re... Read More »

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What sound does an emu make?

Emus make different sounds depending on their gender. Female emus make a loud booming drum like sound. Male emus make a guttural grunting sound, similar to the sound of a pig.Source:Kansas Emu Ass... Read More »

Why Does My Car Make a Clicking Sound?

Today's cars have complex systems with many components, many of which can cause a clicking, tapping or rattling noise when they start to fail. Drivers experiencing this unusual sound may have to le... Read More »

What sound does a hummingbird make?

Hummingbirds make chirping sounds, including warning chirps that consist of several chirps in a row, short pleasant chirps when being fed or looking for food, and a chittery chirp when looking for ... Read More »

What sound does a lamb make?

Depends on where you live. But only a lamb can understand another…