Does a queen bee have a stinger?

Answer A queen bee has a stinger. Unlike other bee stingers, hers is not barbed. It remains intact on her body when she stings, rather than being torn off after a single sting. The queen usually stings to... Read More »

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How much caffeine does a 16oz Allan Bro Red Stinger have?

Is it possible to get stung by a bee and not have the stinger?

Sometimes the stinger will fall out by itself. But check carefully, it can also go under your skin, where you can't see it clearly.

Does Spain have a queen?

As of April 2010, the queen of Spain is Queen Sofia, the wife of King Juan Carlos. Sophia Margaret Victoria Frederica, Princess of Spain and Denmark, married Juan Carlos in 1962 and became queen wh... Read More »

Do land turtles have a stinger in their tail?

None of the many species of land turtles have a stinger in their tail. Depending on the species, a turtle's tail may be short and barely noticeable or long and tapered. Some form a narrow tip that ... Read More »