Does a ps2 headset work with a ps3?

Answer Although many different companies manufacture a number of PlayStation 2 headsets, not all are compatible with the PlayStation 3. The Logitech USB Headset was originally created for the PS2, but als... Read More »

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Will any USB headset work on the PS3?

Most standard USB headsets will function on a PS3 system. To configure the headset, first plug it in to the PS3. On the main menu, go to "Settings", "Accessory Settings", and choose "Audio Device ... Read More »

My PS3 Headset Won't Work?

The Playstation 3 is the first gaming console to come fully equipped with ready-to-use Bluetooth technology. Most gamers are familiar with headphones that are wired directly to the platform control... Read More »

Why doesn't my headset work?

Why won't the microphone on my headset work?

Check your media player settings, if they are set to mute this will affect it. It certainly did mine.