Does a ps2 headset work with a ps3?

Answer Although many different companies manufacture a number of PlayStation 2 headsets, not all are compatible with the PlayStation 3. The Logitech USB Headset was originally created for the PS2, but als... Read More »

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Does the Biopro headset work with all phones?

The Biopro headset connects to cell phones via a 2.3 mm phone jack. Smartphones and cell phones with different-sized jack options (such as a 3.5 mm standard-sized headphone jack) will need an adapt... Read More »

Does the Jawbone Bluetooth headset work with the PlayStation 3?

Many Jawbone Bluetooth headsets are compatible with the Sony PlayStation 3. One example, the Jawbone Prime, receives rave reviews when it's paired with the PS3. Other Jawbone headsets may not be co... Read More »

Does the rocketfish bluetooth headset work with iphone 4?

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Does the iPhone bluetooth headset work with iPhone 3gs?

Yes, Because usually the 3GS got more upgraded system that will allow you to use any Bluetooth Headset.