Does a propane gas fireplace need to be vented?

Answer Propane fireplaces can use ventilation such as a flue or chimney. However, ventless options are available. Some consumers choose this option to save on energy usage or if a chimney or flue does not... Read More »

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Does outdoor fireplace need to be vented?

Can you use vent free gas logs with a vented gas fireplace?

As the name implies, vent-free gas logs burn clean enough that they do not need ventilation. While you can leave the damper open, you can burn vent-free logs in a vented fireplace with the damper f... Read More »

How to Start a Pilot Light in a Vented Fireplace?

A vented gas fireplace is directly vented through the wall, allowing excess heat and fumes to be expelled outside of your house. Like most gas appliances, vented gas fireplaces use a pilot light to... Read More »

Does a gas fireplace eat a lot of propane?

On One Hand: Propane Fireplaces Have a BTU RatingTo discover exactly how much propane your fireplace will burn you need to check the BTU rating. Your fireplace at full throttle will burn approximat... Read More »