Does a process server need to be licensed?

Answer Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas require process servers to be licensed. In addition, some states require that process servers be registered in their coun... Read More »

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How much does a process server make?

The salary range for new process servers starts at $19,653 up to as high as $36,625. A process server with more than a year of experience, but less than 4 years, can expect to make between $22,000 ... Read More »

Does a subcontractor in GA need to be licensed and bonded?

In Minnesota does a small utility trailer need to be licensed?

I know of no exception to the license rule for any utility trailer.

Process Server Tricks?

A process server delivers legal documents to an individual involved in a court case, often the defendant in the case. The person who serves the documents, who cannot be involved in the case in any ... Read More »