Does a primary key always consist of one field?

Answer A primary key can consist of multiple fields (called a composite primary key) as long as the following conditions are true: together the fields create a unique key; the key must contain the fewest ... Read More »

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Define Primary Key Field?

Primary keys are elements placed on a database table column that identifies, indexes and sorts each record. Primary keys are an essential part of table design, and developers and database administr... Read More »

You love a primary school boy but his friends always say that he had other girlfriend?

If he is in primary school then the chances are that he will break up with her, and then perhaps you can become his girlfriend. The truth is that you will move on in time to, and like other boys an... Read More »

What does a Brazilian wax consist of?

this is when a "landing strip" is left... everything else is removed... as for the anus, this is not properly done, they lift up your leg a wax a bit so it goes right down to the bottom (this sound... Read More »

What Does Fructose Consist Of?

Fructose is a carbohydrate that gives many foods their sweet flavors. It is also a monosaccharide or a simple sugar. Combined with glucose, it forms the disaccharide, sucrose, also known as table s... Read More »