Does a powered usb hub work when unplugged?

Answer No. A USB port can transfer approximately 5 volts of energy; however, once the source is disconnected, the hub device will no longer function. While the hub acts a portal, the energy is dispersed t... Read More »

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Fridge doesn't work after unplugged for year?

Probably most of the refrigerant has escaped or the compressor has seized. Mechanical things like this need to be run periodically to keep them properly lubricated.because of the amount of muffins ... Read More »

Does a powered usb hub work when not powered?

Most powered USB hubs will work somewhat when not plugged into a power source, but not for devices that require power. So a powered hub not plugged in will work with devices such as keyboards or pr... Read More »

Your ipod wont let the right headphone work when you plug the headphones in all the way you have to leave them half unplugged What is worng with your ipod?

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