Does a pool increase the value of your home?

Answer On One Hand: Factor in the LuxurySwimming pools are a luxurious attraction to many home buyers. Home values can increase with the presence of a pool---particularly if the home is geographically loc... Read More »

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How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home?

Answer I am a Realtor, and in general a pool adds about $10,000 to a property here in Arizona. It may add a little less if the pool is old or needs a lot of work. If you are putting a pool in and s... Read More »

Does an In-Law Suite Increase the Value of Your Home?

An in-law suite can increase the value of your home under the right conditions. You must take into account market conditions and construction costs to ensure that your initial investment in an in-... Read More »

Does interior painting increase the value of your home?

Any and all maintenance and up-keep of a home helps to insure the value of your home. As most people will repaint within the first year of buying a home, rarely does a spectacular paint finish mak... Read More »

How much value does a pool add to your home?

An in-ground pool can add 6 percent to 11 percent to the resale value of your home, depending on where you live. Above-ground pools subtract from your home's value, to the tune of about 1.9 percent... Read More »