Does a pillowcase securely covering a box of wine constitute a bota bag?

Answer Only if you use a tan pillow case and a red ribbon for flare! WORK IT, GURL!

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If I vacuum myself, does that constitute as a shower?

No they do not do the same task,vacuum cleans dust and bugs etc from dead surfaces,Our body secretes sweat,oil have pores ,and is not literally dead so not possible to clean using vacuum,not to me... Read More »

Does a credit card charge constitute acceptance of a contract?

Credit card companies provide users with pages of fine print, which constitute a contract. Although called a credit card user agreement, it still is a contract since it gives you the specific detai... Read More »

About how much does the Department of Defense constitute to all federal expenditures?

Of course just not in the field.---You can if you are on guard duty in the rain, wearing a poncho.

Which of the following does not constitute mandatory changing of a cipher lock combination?

Someone from a different branch of service has a need to know