Does a pet waste disposal company need to be bonded and insured?

Answer Wouldn't hurt, I'd contact an agent and seek advise on what risks might be associated with this business that I need protection from.

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Where to go to confirm a company is licensed bonded and insured?

Licensing: check with the entity who issues licenses (probably your state)Insurance & bonding: Ask for a certificate, and call the companies listed and the agent to confirm.

Why do i need to be Bonded license and insured for a house sitting business?

ANSWER by BipolarAttorney 02/05/08 Without knowing the state, in which you are operating, I cannot say for sure, but I am guessing there is not a particular law that requires it, but rather the ind... Read More »

What does bonded and insured mean?

Many companies advertise that they are "bonded and insured." What does this mean? Hiring a company that is bonded and insured provides some level of consumer protection in case the project doesn't ... Read More »

How much does it cost to be bonded and insured?

Many states require individuals to be bonded and insured when performing certain tasks in a business setting. The cost depends on the state, activity, and other factors. For instance, being bonded ... Read More »