Does a parking brake save wear on discs?

Answer On One Hand: Parking Brakes Could Save Disc WearThe parking brake activates the rear brakes of the car. If the rear brakes are drum brakes it applies pressure on the rear drum rather than on the fr... Read More »

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What Causes Warped Brake Discs?

Brake discs (also called rotors) are those all important parts of the brake system that are squeezed by the brake caliper and brake pads when the brake pedal is pressed, which, in turn, slows the v... Read More »

Causes of Brake Discs Grinding?

A car's brakes are among its most important components, both in terms of safety and performance. Brakes help the driver keep control and avoid accidents. The two major types of automotive brakes ar... Read More »

How to Inspect Brake Discs?

A commonly used four-point braking system on late model passenger vehicles made in the United States is the disc brake. Maintaining disc brakes is easier than drum brakes, because the parts are vis... Read More »

How to Check Brake Discs?

The brake disc rotor is the silvery part that the brake pad literally pushes against to stop the vehicle. Often when you get a brake job, the disc rotors are fine and nothing needs to be done to th... Read More »